Hany Hassan

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My name is Hany Hassan, I am an Authenticated Invigilator at Victvs Global Company based in Egypt. I am able to deliver on-site exam invigilation as well as a remote invigilation for all candidates over the world.

I am working as a VICTVS Invigilator since 2018, providing my services in Arabic, English and French.


  1. 5 out of 5

    Highly recommended professional remote invigilation

    Hany was incredibly helpful and demonstrated a clear focus on achieving the best outcome for the examinee. Calm, polite yet very professional the invigilation provided was strict in terms of conditions permitted, but placed the candidate at complete ease. Hany was at all times punctual, ensuring sufficient time before and after the examination to conduct checks and verify everything was working correctly without adding any stress to the situation. Communication was quick, useful and approachable. The service he provided was cost effective and of a high standard. In all we would highly recommend him, and would reach out to him without hesitation for any future requirements.

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