Harriet Green - Exam Invigilation


Hi!  My name is Harriet Green.  I am a VICTVS Approved invigilator working from my base in Leeds, UK.  I have a year's experience as an invigilator, with prior experience in customer service.  I have previously worked on exams for further education-aged candidates taking A-Levels and for adult candidates in professional industry exams.


As an experienced invigilator, I have handled a number of different exams and do everything I can to ensure the exam experience runs smoothly.  I have worked with VICTVS on two exam series on-site in Leeds for professional computer-based exams.  These candidates were completing high-stakes tests which affected their job prospects.  During this I remained on hand to guide the candidates and provide a consistently warm and friendly service.


Please feel free to book with me by purchasing a product from my store.  I can work on a variety of tests, so please send me more details if you have any special considerations to take into account.


Remote invigilation is also offered as a service, through the VICTVS V3 Application. This is available to download through the Google Play or Apple App store.


Thank you for taking the time to view my profile and I look forward to working with you!


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